Four Count Concepts shows their clients how to develop their own sound and brand, then capture that sound and brand and turn it into a viable revenue stream. We instruct artists how to blend the business and marketing techniques that venues want to see in order to pay entertainers and artists more for their talents. We prove to the venues why FCC artists are worth more.



FCC helps the artist build a brand that is representative of their personality.

We do this through website development, social media, mobile media and venue placement.

FCC works with the artist to overcome obstacles of live performance, flow and audience interaction. 

We want the artist to feel they are in the right place, at the right time and in front of the right eyes/ears, to help them be who they really are and to attain better compensation. 

Mobile Marketing


We have developed ways to bring the listener into the artist's world through mobile media using the smartphone as the conduit.

This has the added ability to grow an online presence through social media and websites by encouraging the use of smartphones during performances and getting venues on board to offer specials to customers/clients who are watching FCC artists in their establishments.

Through location services and the Mobile Request Line©, FCC has grown its artist mailing lists to over 8000 clients within 18 months, organically.

Grow a fanbase...Fast


Venues want to know what the artist is going to do for them. We have answered that question: Make them more money. 

FCC works with the venue to incentivize their existing customers to come see the artist. This creates new fans for the artist and a repeat customer for the venue that will come every time the artist plays their establishment.

This is done with give aways, coupons and specials available only to fans of the artist who are on the artists newsletter, managed by FCC.

We have seen our acts fill venues to capacity after one show a month for 4 months using our proven marketing methods.

When an act can do that, the money they are able to demand from the venue goes up quickly, since the venue is seeing an immediate return on investment.

Tahoe Production House


FCC is partnered with the Tahoe Production House, a state of the art audio/video and media design firm. Through TPH, FCC artists are able to capture their music and ideas in all of the ways they can possibly be captured, in turn providing the artist with the complete toolset needed to build their careers.


Imagine recording your songs in a world class audio facility, on world class gear, while capturing video and still photography simultaneously for web and marketing content. The end result is audio for ready for distribution, video for web content, photos for the creation of the website, and documentation of that creative process. All of these combine together to give the artist a definitive direction and brand of who they are as an artist.






“...amazing musicians, warm and friendly entertainers, and true professionals. I have personally hired them to play a small intimate party in my home, as well as the entertainment for my employers annual black tie fundraiser event for 200 people. They were perfect for both events! I highly recommend them for any kind of function where great music is required.

Sean Farnan

Lake Tahoe School