Four Count Concepts was created in 2007 for the purpose of marketing and expanding the reach of musical acts and artists through the use of modern marketing techniques. Though these techniques, we are able to show artists how to further capitalize their sales, contact lists, venues and merchandising. FCC focuses on branding and continuity, mobile device marketing, website development and printed materials marketing, as well as booking and venue consulting.
FCC is partnered with the Tahoe Production House, a state of the art audio/video and media design firm. Through TPH, FCC artists are able to capture their music and ideas in all of the ways they can be captured, and provides the artist with the complete toolset needed to build their careers.

Ike Marr
Founder and Principal

Ike has been a professional musician all of his life and has performed all over the world. He defies the notion that artists make poor business people. He has been able to double the income of Four Count Concepts artist clients within a 12 to 18 month time frame.

Ike oversees the creative direction at Four Count Concepts as well as business development.

He’s a partner, a papa, an outdoorsman and a dog person.


“We're a small and growing artist representation firm. We look forward to meeting you and helping you define your musical and artistic goals, developing solutions to current obstacles - and putting those goals into action! So pull the trigger...

One. Two. Three. Four." 

Ike Marr, Four Count Concepts