Tahoe Production House Audio Services

Tahoe Production House is a state of the art recording facility situated in beautiful Lake Tahoe, CA.


We pride ourselves on our top rate sound engineers, equipment, and acoustically designed studio. We have a well-equipped control room featuring a PreSonus Studio Live 24.4.2 performance and digital mixer, as well as a Tascam 2488neo 24 track, 24-bit recorder, giving you a 48 track professional sound recording studio.


We offer music production services for the entire album making process including writing, recording, mixing and mastering. As musicians, we understand more than just the technical aspects and strive to make your experience enjoyable.


Tahoe Production House caters to every aspect of the recording process with competitive rates that can be customized to fit the scope of your project. We offer packages by hour, project, half day, and full day.


We also offer Rehearsal Space for Bands as well as Sound Engineers for hire for your event, in addition to Mobile Audio Recording Services, Live Audio Recording Services, Musical Composition Services, Tutorials, Workshops and Lessons.


Studio Recording Services


Professional audio recording services with professional quality pre amps, microphones, and recording equipment. Record your music the way you imagined it would sound in the Tahoe Production House audio studio where we have everything you need to make your dream project a reality. We offer high  quality microphones and studio engineers to make your project come to life.


Here at the Tahoe Production House studio, we have an all digital 48+ channel recording system witch utilizes the new Presonus Studio One2 Professional software that works hand in hand with our brand new Presonus Studiolive 24.4.2 digital mixing console.


We can even offer instrument rentals for you to record with. We have a large variety of classic vintage amplifiers, effects processors, vintage guitars, and even vintage bass rigs. Here we have the power to capture decades of different styles and sounds!




TPH offers highly trained mix engineers who are quite tuned in to all styles of music. They are very sensitive to the subtleties of each piece of music while still being quite attentive to the client’s requests. Using the PreSonus Studio Live and Tascam 2488neo effects, and ProTools 10, our engineers have the technical ability to create in the mix those ideas that you want.  We can also add tracks to any existing piece here with our digital audio system, which works well with Pro Tools and many other DAW’s.




In addition to state of the art recording facilities, we also have our own mastering services. We understand sound quality. With a little musical sensitivity and top of the line limiters and converters, we are able to get your music up to today’s standards in level without destroying the quality of your tracks


Equipment & Music Rentals


Tahoe Production House has a large inventory of professional live audio equipment, backline equipment and instruments available for rent. Let us know what you need! Inventory list HERE.


Mobile Recording Services


Tahoe Production House created a professional quality, all digital, mobile audio recording system. Need a live audio engineer for your event? We offer talented professional quality audio engineers with years of experience. Whether it is a concert or a session, we can come to you with our mobile recording and capture your performance. We offer much of the same great gear that is offered in the studio. Let us make your event sound the way it should.



We can offer up to twenty-­‐four channels of multi-track digital recording all packaged into a small portable footprint that can fit almost anywhere, which means set-up space is a non-­‐ issue with our system. With our mobile audio recording system, we can record your entire live show at any venue then mix and master it in post production. We can even fix most minor mistakes or missed notes with our Studio One Professional digital audio workstation by Presonus.


Discount rates for:


  • 3‐hour recording session, including:

    • 4 channels of recording

    • Vocal / instrument microphones

    • Stereo mix-­‐down included.


Other discount rates for:


  • 5 hour recording session, including:

    • 10 channels of multi track recording

    • Vocal / instrument microphones

    • Stereo mix-­‐down included


Live Audio Recording


Tahoe Production House is equipped with the gear and experience needed to handle your next live event or concert. With our experienced engineers, we can come up with the solutions needed to make your event happen in a professional, clean and flawless fashion. We offer everything from simple consultation services to full production event services. We also offer equipment rentals and have engineers available for hire to run sound for your big event.


Systems Engineering & Maintenance

We have professional and experienced engineers available to design, set up, and run any audio system in your venue to give you the best sound. Our engineers are very experienced with the most modern audio technology including many of the top digital mixing consoles on the market and latest line array and sound system technology available. We have what it takes to get the show up and running without a hitch every time as well as the know how to optimize your system and its running equipment to fit your venue and performer’s exact needs. We also offer a routine maintenance plan to help keep your system in tip-­‐top shape. Let us take care of all the technical work behind running and maintaining the sound at your venue.


Equipment & Music Rentals

Tahoe Production House has a large inventory of professional live audio equipment, backline equipment and instruments available for rent. Let us know what you need. 


Musical Composition Services

Are you looking for the perfect theme song for your video? Or maybe you need a little help finishing up all the parts to your current project. Here at Tahoe Production House we are not only technicians, but also musicians. We have the skills to write a large variety of song styles and genera. We will be happy to discuss what your needs are, weather its for movie / commercial scoring, or song writing for your personal use. We also have a variety of studio musicians available for your recording needs.


Tutorials, Workshops & Lessons

Tahoe Production House works to provide everything you will need to get the best sound possible. We can provide everything from informative workshops from music and voice lessons on how to use your new gear. We have developed a series of classes that can fit anyone’s need from beginners to experts. Check out our available classes and call any time for class scheduling, availability, and pricing.