Four Count Concepts is proud to be the Audio Production partner with Tahoe Production House.
Through TPH, Four Count Concepts is able to bring a powerful production entity to thier artist clients. Simulatneous production of audio, video, web content and design, has the power to create a marketable brand for the artist within weeks...not years.
Imagine recording your songs in a world class audio facility, on world class gear, while capturing video and still photography simulataneously for web and marketing content. The end result is audio for distrubution, video for web content, photos for and creation of the website, and documentation of that creative process. All of these combine together to give the artist a definitive direction and brand of who they are as an artist.
Tahoe Production House offer state-of-the-art production facilities and resources that are instantly scalable to fit every video, audio and photography production need. Studio, Edit Suites and Office Space is available to rent for your Project or Band Practice. TPH also offer Website Design, Graphic Design & Tactical Marketing Services.